The power of fact checking. In Academic reviews

In these last days, I had the opportunity of reviewing two papers from two different ISI/Web of Science journals. Both papers cited external sources (journal articles) for justifying important statement on which both the works were based. I checked the whole stuff. PAPER 1 was stating that no studies were present about the topic object … Continue reading The power of fact checking. In Academic reviews

Appropriate and concrete

Photo credits: Matteo Anaclerio, title credits: Tommaso Pacetti During my BSc, MSc and then PhD studies, I was (luckily) exposed to the concept of "Appropriate Technologies", namely technological choices and applications that are small-scale, decentralized, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, environmentally sound, and locally autonomous (Hazeltibe and Bull, 1999, as cited on One may naturally think about … Continue reading Appropriate and concrete

Warid – an inspiration and a good vein

"Warid" is a good mix of the words Water and Arid. In Arabic "warid" - وريد means "inspiration" and literally "vein" ("vena" in italiano). And like veins carry bloods within our bodies, water is carried by rivers. It seemed to me a good title for a (academic) blog. But, why opening such a blog? I realised … Continue reading Warid – an inspiration and a good vein